Chrysalis Enclosure Project Page

The Chrysalis Enclosure is designed to fit around Lulzbot TAZ 6 3d Printers. But this project is not in any way affiliated with Aleph Objects or Lulzbot.

Chryaslis Enclose with 3D Printer

This enclosure can provide a more controlled environment for 3d printing to allow consistent prints and help avoid warping. The overall goals were to create a portable enclosure that allowed full use of the 3d printer's working envelope while keeping the delicate electronics outside of the heated envelope.

If you wish to build this enclosure from scratch, take a look at the part guide and then follow the assembly manual once you have fabricated or obtained the necessary pieces. There is also a kit available with everything needed to make this project. For questions about building your own or about kits, please contact for answers.

Design Features

Front Enclosure Back Enclosure

The overall design is split into two pieces and each piece simply rests on a flat table with no need to screw or bolt the enclosure to the 3d printer itself. The skeleton is made up of V-Slot aluminum beams screwed together via an ABS skin. The ABS is touch and impact resistant, removing the need for thick panels. Acrylic windows provide windows and a door, letting you see your print and get at it when it is complete.

Rear Handles

Since the enclosure comes in two pieces, each piece is individually much more manageable and portable. Square handle covers and thumb screws provide easy access to the aluminum frame for easy handling. And if necessary, the bolt-together design means that the whole device can be disassembled and flat-packed for storage or shipping.

Front Latch

The door is on gate hinges to provide better support of the fragile acrylic. It is also mounted outside of the skin rather than inset so that if it sags slightly over time, it won't start scraping against the frame. The door has a quarter-turn wing cam latch which keeps it securely closed when desired while letting be opened quickly. The wing cam latch could be replaced with a keyed latch. Combined with bolting down the enclosure frame, this could help prevent casual bystanders from reaching inside.

Fan and Spool Mounting Points

Two fan mounting points are provided for 80mm fans. This allows a fan to be mounted on either side or both at once. The fans can then be connected to any ventilation system.

Spool Feeder

The Chrysalis works with the spool feeding system provided with the TAZ 6. Gaps in the wall let the feeder and spool holder work without problems. But there are also mounting points on the top that would let you mount your own spool holder on top of the enclosure. And the gaps for the built-in feeder and spool holder can be closed by adjusting the side plates.

More Information


The Chrysalis Enclosure was designed by Jonathon Duerig and Tenrec Builders LLC. For questions about the enclosure, please contact While it was designed to work with the Lulzbot TAZ 6, this is an independent project not affiliated in any way with Lulzbot or Aleph Objects.