Cradle Base Assembly

Completed Cradle Base

Special Notes

M5 Washers and 1.00mm Spacers look very similar. Do not mix them up.


Tools needed:

Parts needed:


Gather parts together and remove plastic coating from extrusion pieces if necessary. Use the part list in the Cradle Base Assembly Bag to verify that all parts are present before beginning. Notify if any parts are missing.

Preload (4) Corner Brackets.

4 Corner Bracket sets

Each Corner Bracket uses (2) M5 x 8mm Screws and (2) Single T-Nuts.

4 Preloaded Corner Brackets

Preload (2) T-Plates

2 T-Plate sets

Each T-Plate uses (5) M5 x 10mm Screws, (5) M5 Washers, (1) Double T-Nut, and (3) Single T-Nuts.

2 Preloaded T-Plates

Place washers on screws. Preload according to picture.

Assemble (4) V-Wheels

4 M5 x 30mm Screws with M5 Washers

Take 4 M5 x 30mm Screws and place an M5 Washer on each screw. This will help avoid mixups in the following steps.

4 V-Wheel sets

Each V-Wheel uses (1) M5 x 30mm Screw with attached M5 Washer, (2) Bearings, and (1) 1.00mm Spacer.

4 M5 x 30mm Screws with M5 Washers

For each set, place items in the following order on the M5 x 30mm Screw: M5 Washer -- (1) Bearing -- V-Wheel -- 1.00mm Spacer -- (1) Bearing

4 Assembled V-Wheels

Squeeze this sandwich together, pressing the (2) Bearings into the sides of the V-Wheel. For a more detailed explanation of assembling V-Wheels, see the Cradle Lifter Assembly Guide.

Preload (4) V-Wheels

4 V-Wheel sets

Each V-Wheel uses (2) 6.35mm Spacers, (1) M5 Fender Washer, and (1) Single T-Nut.

V-Wheel with 6.35mm Spacers

Put (2) 6.35mm Spacers on each Assembled V-Wheel.

V-Wheel with Fender Washer

Put (1) M5 Fender Washer on each Assembled V-Wheel.

V-Wheel with Single T-Nut

Thread (1) Single T-Nut on each Assembled V-Wheel.

Tightening Assembled V-Wheel

Hold the Single T-Nut with your fingers and use a 3mm Hex Key to tighten the assembly. This will finish pressing the bearings into the wheels.

4 Preloaded V-Wheels

Loosen the Single T-Nut again. A gap between the M5 Fender Washer and the Single T-Nut will be necessary to insert it into an extrusion slot.

Preload (2) Base Covers

2 Base Cover sets

Each Base Cover uses (2) M5 x 6mm Screws and (2) Single T-Nuts.

2 Preloaded Base Covers

Preload (2) Felt Bobs

2 Felt Bob sets

Each Felt Bob uses (1) M5 x 6mm Screw, (2) M5 Fender Washers, (1) M5 x 16mm Screw, and (1) Double T-Nut.

Screwing an M5 x 16mm Screw into Felt Bob

Screw an M5 x 16mm Screw into the center of each Felt Bob. The hole is just barely big enough, so push while turning the screw with your fingers.

M5 x 16mm Screw deep inside Felt Bob

Once the M5 x 16mm Screw is deeper into the material, friction will increase too much for finger tightening.

Turning an M5 x 16mm Screw with an 3mm Hex Key

Use the 3mm Hex Key to keep turning the M5 x 16mm Screw until it is completely seated in the Felt Bob.

M5 Fender Washer on Felt Bob

Place M5 Fender Washer on the Felt Bob.

Felt Bob on one side of a Double T-Nut

Screw Felt Bob onto one side of a Double T-Nut.

M5 Fender Washer on M5 x 6mm Screw

Place M5 Fender Washer on the M5 x 6mm Screw.

M5 x 6mm Screw Attached to Felt Bob Assembly

Screw M5 x 6mm Screw into the other side of Double T-Nut.

2 Felt Bob Assemblies

Complete the other Felt Bob Assembly.

Assemble Base

Cradle Base extrusion laid out

Gather (1) Base Center Beam, (2) Base Side Beams, and (4) Base Struts.

T-Plate on Base Center Beam

Slide a T-Plate Assembly onto one end of the Base Center Beam.

Wider View of T-Plate on Base Center Beam

The long leg of the T-Plate faces towards the middle of the Base Center Beam.

2 T-Plates on a Base Center Beam

Slide the other T-Plate onto the Base Center Beam facing the opposite direction.

Double T-Nut sliding into Base Strut

Gather (4) Double T-Nuts. Slide a Double T-Nut into outward-facing slot of each Base Strut. Make sure the bumps of the Double T-Nuts face towards the center of the beam with the flat side facing outwards.

Another Base Strut with a Double T-Nut A Third Base Strut with a Double T-Nut The Fourth Base Strut with a Double T-Nut

Felt Bob on top of Base Side Beam

Gather (2) Felt Bob Assemblies. Slide one onto each Base Side Beam.

Felt Bob being Snugged

Snug both screws with Felt Bob sticking out from the end of the Base Side Beam. The position of the Felt Bob will need to be adjusted later.

Felt Bob bottom view

Overall View

Overview with Double T-Nuts and Felt Bobs inserted.

Base Cover under Base Strut

Slide a Base Cover onto the bottom slot of a Base Strut on.

Base Cover under 2 Base Struts

Slide the Base Cover onto the bottom slot of the other Base Strut on the same side.

2 Base Covers under 4 Base Struts

Slide the other Base Cover onto the bottom slots of the opposite pair of Base Struts.

V-Wheel sliding onto Base Strut

Slide a V-Wheel Assembly onto the outside slot of one of the Base Struts.

V-Wheel on Base Strut

The V-Wheel Assembly should be far enough in that the M5 Fender Washer does not stick out. Precise positioning is not important. Snug screw into place.

4 V-Wheels on Base Struts

Repeat for the other Base Struts and V-Wheel Assemblies. There will be a V-Wheel at each corner.

Overall View

Overview with Base Covers and V-Wheels inserted.

4 Base Struts on 2 T-Plates

Slide (4) Base Struts onto the (2) T-Plates in the center.

Base Covers at center

Slide Base Covers towards the center. The Base Covers determine how far apart the T-Plates are from one another. Snug all T-plate screws with the Base Struts connecting at right angles.

Snugging Base Cover Screws

Turn assembly over and snug base cover screws.

4 Corner Brackets on Base Struts

Slide (4) Corner Brackets onto inside slots of the Base Struts.

Base Side Beam Sliding onto Corner Brackets

With the Corner Brackets loose, slide a Base Side Beam onto the two corner brackets.

Base Side Beam On Corner Brackets

Snug corner bracket screws with Base Side Beam aligned against the ends of (2) Base Struts.

Corner Brackets attached on all corners

Repeat on other side.

Non-Square Corner Some corners may not be square. You can adjust the orientation of the beams by loosening a few screws at a time, adjusting orientation, and re-tightening.

Non-Square Corner 2 Adjusting Corner Adjusting Corner 2

Squared Base

Once the corners are close to square, tighten up all of the screws including the V-Wheel screws. Final adjustment is done later during assembly of the main structure.

Attaching End Cap

Gather (2) Plastic End Caps. Press a Plastic End Cap into each end of the Base Center Beam.

Complete Base

The Cradle Base is now complete. Set it aside for use during Main Structure Assembly

Complete Base 2