Platform Assembly

Completed Platform

Special Notes

The (4) Felt Feet are optionally attached to the bottom of the Clear Cross Beams after the Archivist Quill is completely assembled. They help prevent the Archivist Quill from scratching the table it is used on.


Tools needed:

Parts needed:


Gather parts together and remove plastic coating from extrusion pieces if necessary. Use the part list in the Platform Assembly Bag to verify that all parts are present before beginning. Notify if any parts are missing.

Preload (4) Corner Brackets

4 Corner Bracket Sets

Each Corner Bracket uses (2) Single T-Nuts and (2) M5 x 8mm Screws.

4 Preloaded Corner Brackets

Preload (4) T-Plates

4 T-Plate Sets

Each T-Plate uses (2) Double T-Nuts, (1) Single T-Nut, (5) M5 x 10mm Screws, and (5) M5 Washers.

4 Preloaded T-Plates

Place M5 Washers on M5 x 10mm Screws. Thread each screw onto the T-Nuts in the arrangement shown.

Preload (4) Notched L-Plates

4 Notched L-Plate Sets

Each Notched L-Plate uses (2) Double T-Nuts, (4) M5 x 8mm Screws, and (8) M5 Fender Washers.

M5 x 8mm Screw in Notched L-Plate

Push M5 x 8mm Screw through hole in Notched L-Plate.

M5 Fender Washers on Notched L-Plate

Place (2) M5 Fender Washers on the M5 x 8mm Screw.

Double T-Nut on Notched L-Plate

Twist each Screw into one the threads of a Double T-Nut. The (2) M5 Fender Washers sit between the Notched L-Plate and the Double T-Nut.

Complete Preloaded Notched L-Plate

4 Preloaded Notched L-Plates

Preload (2) Cradle Stops

2 Cradle Stop Sets

Each Cradle Stop uses (1) Double T-Nut, (1) M5 x 8mm Screw, and (1) M5 Finger Clamp.

Preloaded Cradle Stop

The M5 x 8mm Screw goes in one hole. The M5 Finger Clamp goes in the other.

2 Preloaded Cradle Stops

Assemble Platform

T-Slot Arranged in H

Gather the (2) Clear Cross Beams and (2) Long Beams and arrange them into an figure "H". The Long Beams are horizontal and the Clear Cross Beams are vertical.

Corner Bracket and Long Beam

Slide Corner Bracket Assembly onto a Long Beam.

Corner Bracket in Long Beam

Snug the Corner Brackets into place so they won't slip out.

4 Corner Brackets in Long Beams

Repeat for each Corner Bracket.

Notched L-Plate in Long Beam

Slide a Notched L-Plate into the side of a Long Beam opposite from the Corner Brackets. The notch faces towards the end of the Long Beam.

Notched L-Plate in Long Beam 2

The M5 Fender Washers sit between the Notched L-Plate and the Long Beam.

Notched L-Plate in Long Beam 3 Notched L-Plate in Long Beam 4

Leave the screws loose for now. You will tighten them once the rest of the structure is assembled.

T-Plate in Clear Cross Beam

Slide a T-Plate into the outer slot of a Clear Cross Beam.

T-Plate in Clear Cross Beam 2

You will need to make sure the second T-Nut in the line aligns with the slot as you slide it in.

T-Plate in Clear Cross Beam 3

Move the T-Plate well into the beam and then sjnug it so it won't move around during assembly.

T-Plates and Notched L-Plates T-Plates and Notched L-Plates 2 T-Plates and Notched L-Plates 3

Repeat with remaining T-Plates and Notched Corner Plates.

Sliding Clear Cross Beam onto Corner Brackets Sliding Clear Cross Beam onto Corner Brackets 2 Sliding Clear Cross Beam onto Corner Brackets 3 Sliding Clear Cross Beam onto Corner Brackets 4

Slide Clear Cross Beam onto the Corner Brackets. Slide Notched L-Plates out of the way as necessary. You may need to loosen and adjust the position of the Corner Brackets as you work.

Snugging Corner Bracket

Snug corner brackets into place.


Repeat with the other side.

Adjusting Position Adjusting Position 2

Use the Platform Assembly Guide page to precisely position the Long Beams along the Clear Cross Beams and square platform. Loosen and retighten screws as necessary to adjust.

Tighten Corner Brackets

Tighten Corner Brackets in their final position.

Assembled Figure H

The Assembled Figure H is now ready.

T-Plate and Notched L-Plate in corner

Slide the T-Plate and Notched L-Plate so that they form a corner. We will slide the vertical rail into this corner.

Lifting the H at an angle to bring M5 Washers against Notched L-Plate Continuing to lift Vertical Rail in the corner

The tricky part is that the M5 Washers need to go between the plate and the Double T-Nut. One way to make it easier is to use gravity to help. Hold the screws tight against the plate and lift the whole 'H' at an angle to get the M5 Washers flush against the Notched L-Plate. Then put the Vertical Rail in the gap.

Vertical Rail

The Vertical Rail will slides into the corner onto both Double T-Nuts.

4 Vertical Rails attached to Platform

Repeat with each corner.

Cradle Stop on Vertical Rail

Slide Cradle Stop onto Vertical Rail. The M5 x 8mm Screw should stay loose. Tighten and untighten using the M5 Finger Clamp. The M5 Finger Clamp always goes on top.

Platform with Cradle Stops

Repeat with the other Cradle Stop. The side with the two Cradle Stops will be the front.

Felt Strip

Each Felt Strip has a paper backing which is removed to expose the adhesive layer. The adhesive is between the felt and the paper, so make sure that you remove all of the paper when you are peeling it off.

Felt Strips on Platform

The (6) Felt Strips are placed on top of the Long Beams, one at either end and one in the center.

Plastic End Cap going into Clear Cross Beam Plastic End Cap going into Clear Cross Beam 2

Push Plastic End Cap on the ends of each Clear Cross Beam.

Completed Platform