As with any bolt-together construction, the screws may loosen over time and should be retightened.

You can use threadlocker on screws to help mitigate this problem. If you do, the recommended type is Loctite Threadlocker 222 (Purple) for this purpose.


Periodically check rope for fraying or other damage. Make sure that the knot or clip holding the rope loop does not begin slipping. Since the rope is nylon, it may weaken over time if left in a sunny area or other area with UV light.

When the time comes to replace the rope, use nylon solid braid rope 5mm (3/16 in) thick. Look for rope with a strength of at least ten times the expected load. The original rope that comes with the kit has a minimum rated strength of 330 kg (720 lbs), so this is a good number to shoot for. Each replacement rope should be 1250 mm (49 in) long. The exact length of the rope is less important than that the two lengths should be equal.

Each end of the new rope should be tied to a Quick Link using a Uni Knot with three turns. This is also one form of Slip Knot. Once the knot is made, it can be tightened onto the Quick Link.


Counter-Weight Bag

The Counter-Weight bag is 100% cotton. It can be spot-cleaned with a soft cloth and a little water. When laundering, machine-wash with cold water and air dry (no heat). It can be dry-cleaned. Since the cloth is not pre-shrunk, it may shrink slightly in the wash.

If your bag becomes damaged or worn, it is possible to sew a replacement bag yourself. Laura Fisher, the bag's designer, has provided step by step instructions. You can also email in order to purchase a replacement.


The glass that comes with the kit can be kept clean with any standard glass cleaning product. Clean the glass regularly to prevent dust buildup.

Keep hard objects and metal away from the glass to avoid scratches. If the glass is scratched or damaged during use, replacement panes can be ordered from Tenrec Builders.

It can be tricky to source replacement glass yourself. The glass panes are 3 mm (1/8 in) thick, 415.9 mm (16.375 in) tall, and 304.8 mm (12 in) wide. They are made of annealed glass. Three sides are unfinished and the fourth (long) side is mitered. The precise miter required for the glass is nonstandard and so you will not find a glass shop that will do it. But a good second-best option is to have the glass shop put a pencil edge on.

Replacement Parts

Many replacements can be ordered from the Open Builds Part Store or are off the shelf parts. If you need a custom part replaced, email and we will provide information that will allow you to fabricate it yourself. We are also willing to sell you custom or other parts individually as needed.