Completing the Main Structure

Completed Main Structure

Special Notes

In addition to the parts listed below, you will need to temporarily borrow a few pieces from the Handlebar Assembly to assist with final positioning of the pieces.

Borrowed L-Plate, 2 Double T-Nuts, 4 M5 x 10mm Screws, 4 M5 Washers, Long Beam

You will use an L-Plate, 2 Double T-Nuts, 4 M5 x 10mm Screws, 4 M5 Washers, and a Long Beam during final positioning. Once complete, they are used as components of the Handlebar Assembly.


Tools needed:

Parts needed:

Attach Cradle Lifter

Platform Assembly

Gather the Platform Assembly. Loosen the screws holding the vertical rails.

Platform Assembly with Cradle Stops removed

Remove Cradle Stops from Platform Assembly and set them aside.

Cradle Lifter on Vertical Rails

Lower Cradle Lifter onto Vertical Rails.

Wheels in Vertical Rail V-Slot

Guide wheels into the V-Slots on each side. Be careful of the sharp corners of the Vertical Rail extrusion.

Cradle Lifter on all 4 Vertical Rails Cradle Lifter Being Lowered Cradle Lifter Near Bottom Cradle Lifter resting on Platform Assembly

Once all wheels are on the rails, lower the Cradle Lifter down so that the it rests on the Long Beams of the Platform Assembly.

Cradle Lifter on Platform Assembly side view Cradle Lifter on Platform Assembly front view Cradle Lifter on Platform Assembly top view

The Cradle Lifter Rails should lie directly on top of and flush with the Long Base Beams. The Vertical Rails should look vertical. If this is not the case, remove the Cradle Lifter and adjust the Platform Assembly more precisely using the Platform Guide.

Add Platen Assembly Sides

Cradle Stop on Vertical Rail

Put Cradle Stops back on the two front Vertical Rails. Snug screws holding the Vertical Rails. The front of the scanner is the side with the two Cradle Stops.

2 Black Cross Beam Sides from Platen Assembly

Gather 2 Black Cross Beam Sides from Platen Assembly. Loosen the screws of the T-Plates.

Black Cross Beam Side on Vertical Rails

Slide a Black Cross Beam Side onto a pair of Vertical Rails. The T-Plate with Rod End will be towards the back of the Scanner (opposite the Cradle Stops).

Two Black Cross Beam Sides on Vertical Rails

Repeat with the other Black Cross Beam Side.

Align Black Cross Beam Sides

Make a temporary alignment jig from pieces of the Handlebar Assembly. Once alignment is complete, we will disassemble the jig and return them to their bags.

Removing Plastic End Cap Plastic End Cap Removed

Remove the two Plastic End Caps from the front of the two Clear Cross Beams in the Platform Assembly. Set them aside.

Pieces from the Handlebar Assembly used in Jig

From the Handlebar Assembly, gather (1) Long Beam, (1) L-Plate, (4) M5 x 10mm Screws, (4) M5 Washers, and (2) Double T-Nuts.

Preload the L-Plate using (4) M5 x 10mm Screws, (4) M5 Washers, and (2) Double T-Nuts.

Long Beam on Corner Bracket of Black Cross Beam Side Long Beam halfway down connected to Black Cross Beam Side

Slide Long Beam onto the corner bracket of the Black Cross Beam Side. Loosen Corner bracket as necessary.

The bottom of the Long Beam will be end up near the end of the Clear Cross Beam on the Platform Assembly.

L-Plate on Clear Cross Beam

Slide the L-Plate onto the Clear Cross Beam.

L-Plate joining Clear Cross Beam with Long Beam

Slide Long Beam onto L-Plate. Tighten screws with the Long Beam flush with and perpendicular to the Clear Cross Beam.

Black Cross Beam Side not aligned

Adjust positioning of the Black Cross Beam Side as necessary. Snug Screws of Corner Bracket when aligned.

Aligned Side

Tighten the (6) screws along the top of the top T-Plates. Tighten the (6) screws along the bottom of the bottom T-Plates. Remove Long Beam and L-Plate jig. Repeat on the other side.

Cradle Stop at top of Vertical Rail

Move cradle stops near the top of the Vertical Rails and tighten M5 Finger Clamp

Cradle Lifter at bottom Cradle Lifter in middle Cradle Lifter at top

Lift Cradle Lifter to near the top of its range. Always lift from the middle to ensure balanced movement.

With the Cradle Lifter near the top, snug the (2) remaining screws on each top T-Plate. With the Cradle Lifter near the bottom, snug the (2) remaining screws on each bottom T-Plate. Gradually tighten them, making sure that the motion of the Cradle Lifter remains smooth and the Vertical Rails remain vertical.

Replace Plastic End Caps on Clear Cross Beams. Disassemble alignment jig and replace pieces in the Handlebar Assembly.

Attach Platen Front and Back

The Platen Front and Back are now attached to the sides. The Imaging Module Front and Back are used as positioning jigs in this step, but not permanently attached.

Platen Front and Back

Gather Platen Front and Back.

Platen Front on Sides 1 Platen Front on Sides 2 Platen Front on Sides 3 Platen Front on Sides 4

Slide L-Plates onto Black Cross Beam Sides.

Gap between Platen Front and Side

There should be a gap big enough for one T-Slot beam to attach to both the Corner Bracket and Side Plate.

Platform Assembly rear view Attaching Platen Back on Sides

Turn Platform Assembly around. Attach Platen Back


Both Platen Front and Back are now approximately placed.

Imaging Module Back

Gather the Imaging Module Back. This is the one without Pulleys.

Imaging Module Back above Platen Beginning Attachment Sliding both T-Nuts into Imaging Module Back Imaging Module Back attached and flush

Slide an Imaging Module Column onto both the Corner Bracket of the side and the Side Plate of the back.

Imaging Module Back above Platen Imaging Column aligned with T-Nuts Imaging Column attached and flush

Repeat with other side.

Snug the screws of the Corner Brackets and Side Plate. Tighten all the screws of the L-Plate. The Platen Back is now fixed in the correct position.

Loosen the screws connecting the Corner Bracket and Side Plate to the Imaging Columns. Remove the Imaging Bracket.

Repeat this process to tighten the L-Plates of the Platen Front into the right position.

Insert Glass Plates

Glass Plate between two Glass Holders

Take a glass plate from its protective packaging. Find the mitered edge. Be careful as it may be sharp. Carefully slide the glass between a pair of Glass Holders with the pointed edge at the bottom.

Glass Plate at the Glass Slot Cover Glass Plate inside Glass Slot Cover

Carefully slide the Glass Plate inside of the Glass Slot Cover.

Glass Plate at bottom Glass Plate at bottom side view

Guide the glass to the bottom of the connection. Let it rest gently there.

Glass Plate on other side

Repeat on other side.

Glass Plates meeting

Adjust the positioning of the Glass Plates where they meet so that the mitered edges mesh and minimize the size of the gutter.

Black Cross Beam Middles

Gather the Black Cross Beam Middles from the Platen Assembly.

Sliding Black Cross Beam Middle onto Glass Holders Aligning T-Nuts while Sliding

Slide a Black Cross Beam Middle between the two Glass Holders. The Black Corner Brackets face away from the Glass Plates and the Glass Slot Cover inside faces towards the Glass Plates.

Black Cross Beam Middle on other side

Repeat on the other side. When the Glass Plates are in their final position, tighten the (4) Black Corner Brackets into place.


Felt End Cap Felt End Cap attached 2 Felt End Caps attached

Attach felt end caps to the bottom of the 'V' to cover the pointed ends of the extrusion. Use two on the front and two on the back.

Attaching Cradle Base and Cradle Wings

Cradle Base on Cradle Lifter

Place Cradle Base on Cradle Lifter.

Felt Bob too far forward

Adjust final position of the Felt Bobs on the Cradle Base.

Felt Bob correctly positioned

Felt Bob must be far enough back to let the V-Wheel ride in the V-Slot. But it must touch the rail to provide friction.

Cradle Base on Cradle Lifter

Ensure that the Cradle Base moves back and forth smoothly along rail. If it tends to derail then the Cradle Base is not square or the Cradle Lifter is not square. Adjust if necessary.

Cradle Wing over Cradle Base Cradle Wing on Cradle Base rear view Cradle Wing on Cradle Base top view

Place Cradle Wing on Cradle Base. The two plastic tabs on the sides lie on either side of the Base Struts.

Cradle Wing near Glass Plate Cradle Wing against Glass Plate Loosening Cradle Angle Beam screws

Raise Cradle Assembly towards the glass. The Cradle Wing Plate should be able to rest against the glass between the two Glass Holders. If not, then loosen the two screws on each Cradle Angle Beam that holds the Cradle Wing Supports in place. You can shift the whole cradle plate one way or another until it does. Tighten the Cradle Angle Beam screws.

2 M5 Finger Clamps and 2 M5 x 8mm Screws

Gather (2) M5 Finger Clamps and (2) M5 x 8mm Screws from Cradle Wing kit.

Double T-Nut on Cradle Base

Look for the captive Double T-Nuts on either side of the Cradle Base.

Cradle Wing Bottom Plate near Double T-Nut on Cradle Base

Align tabs with a Double T-Nut.

M5 x 8mm Screw in Double T-Nut

Screw an M5 x 8mm Screw into the side of the Double T-Nut closest to the middle. Leave this screw permanently loose.

Finger Clamp in Double T-Nut

Screw M5 Finger Clamp into the other side of the Double T-Nut. Loosen and Tighten it as necessary to move Cradle Wing.

Cradle Base turned around Attaching M5 x 8mm Screw

Repeat on the other side of the Cradle Wing.

Attaching M5 x 8mm Screw

Repeat for other Cradle Wing.


Attach Imaging Module

Imaging Module Front attached

Slide Imaging Module Front onto Platen Assembly. The Pulleys on the Imaging Module should be on the same side as the Cradle Stops but the opposite side as the Rod Ends.

Imaging Module Front and Back

Repeat with Imaging Module Back. Snug screws on Side Plate and Corner Brackets.

Cradle Stop at bottom of Vertical Rail

Move the Cradle Stops to the bottom position and tighten them into place. Set aside the Cradle Base for a moment.

Scanner down

Turn the Archivist Quill on its side. The next steps are much easier if gravity is not working against you.

Black Corner Bracket under Imaging Strut

Slide a Black Cross Beam onto an Imaging Strut.

Black Corner Bracket on top of Imaging Strut

Slide the bottom of the Black Cross Beam onto the other Imaging Strut. Snug the screws on the Black Corner Brackets.

Black Cross Beam on other side

Repeat on the other side.

Adjusting Position of Black Cross Beam

Now you can adjust position and ensure that the Black Cross Beams are flush by loosening and tightening just a couple of screws at once.

Main Structure of scanner

Place scanner right side up. The main structure is now complete. Tighten all screws.