Completed Handlebar

Special Notes

Beginning in January 2017, Archivist Quill kits now contain a single handlebar beam. This is used instead of (1) long beam, (2) handlebar extenders, and (2) Strip Plates. Since the handlebar extenders don't have to be attached to the long beam, some of the steps below are not necessary.


Tools needed:

Parts needed:


Gather parts together and remove plastic coating from extrusion pieces if necessary. Use the part list in the Handlebar Bag to verify that all parts are present before beginning. Notify help@tenrec.builders if any parts are missing.

Preload (2) Rope Anchors

2 Rope Anchor sets

Each Rope Anchor uses (2) M5 x 6mm Screws and (1) Double T-Nut.

2 Preloaded Rope Anchors

Preload (2) L-Plates

2 L-Plate sets

Each L-Plate uses (5) M5 x 10mm Screws, (5) M5 Washers, (2) Double T-Nuts, and (1) Single T-Nut.

2 Preloaded L-Plates 2 Preloaded L-Plates front view

The configuration of T-Nuts on the two L-Plates should be mirrored to form a left/right pair.

Preload (2) Strip Plates

Skip this step on kits sold in January 2017 or later.

2 Strip Plate sets

Each Strip Plate uses (3) M5 x 10mm Screws, (3) M5 Washers, (1) Single T-Nut, and (1) Double T-Nut.

2 Preloaded Strip Plates 2 Preloaded Strip Plates front view

Preload (2) Strip Plates

2 Strip Plate sets

Each Strip Plate uses (2) M5 x 10mm Screws, (2) M5 Washers, and (1) Double T-Nut.

2 Preloaded Strip Plates

Assemble Handlebar

Handlebar Extender on L-Plate

Slide L-Plate onto Handlebar Extender. Use the row of T-Nuts with a Double T-Nut and a Single T-Nut.

Handlebar Extender in corner of L-Plate

The Handlebar Extender should lie against the corner of the L-Plate.

Tightening screws on Handlebar Extender

With the Handlebar Extender flush against the corner of the L-Plate, tighten the two screws of the Double T-Nut.

Overview of Handlebar pieces

Repeat with second Handlebar Extender and L-Plate. Gather these with Long Beam and (2) Clear Cross Beams and arrange them.

Strip Plate on Clear Cross Beam

Slide Strip Plate with two screws onto the end of a Clear Cross Beam.

Strip Plate on Clear Cross Beam with Double T-Nut just inside slot

With the Double T-Nut just inside the slot and the Strip Plate parallel to the Clear Cross Beam, snug the screws.

Arrangement with 2 Strip Plates added

Repeat with other Clear Cross Beam. The ends with the Strip Plates lie on top and face away from the handlebar.

Strip Plate with 3 screws on Handlebar Extender

Slide Strip Plate with 3 screws onto Handlebar Extender. The Single T-Nut goes in first.

Clear Cross Beam and Handlebar Extender on L-Plate with Strip Plate on Handlebar Extender Alternate view of assembly

Slide Clear Cross Beam onto L-Plate perpendicular to Handlebar Extender. Tighten 2 screws holding the Clear Cross Beam. The Strip Plate should be flush against the side of the Clear Cross Beam. Snug the screw with the Single T-Nut to hold it in place.

Rope Anchor on Handlebar Extender

Slide Rope Anchor onto the front of the Handlebar Extender.

Rope Anchor half on Handlebar Extender

The Rope Anchor should be about halfway onto the Handlebar Extender, flush with the bottom. Precise positioning is not important.

Overview with both Handlebar Sides complete

Repeat on the other side.

Long Beam attached to left side

Slide the Long Beam onto one side. With the Long Beam flush and parallel to the Handlebar Extender, tighten the remaining screws. Leave the other side unattached for now.

Counter-weight Bag on Long Beam Counter-weight Bag completely on Long Beam

Slide the Counter-weight Bag onto the Long Beam. Attach the Long Beam onto the other side.

Plastic End Cap in Handlebar Extender Plastic End Cap completely inserted

Insert Plastic End Cap into the end of each Handlebar Extender.

Complete Handlebar

The Handlebar is now complete and ready for attachment.

M5 x 10mm Screw in Strip Plate

Insert an M5 x 10mm Screw into the third hole of a Strip Plate.

Screw attaching Strip Plate to Rod End Screw flush against Strip Plate

Hold the Handlebar Assembly in place as you screw the M5 x 10mm Screw into the Rod End.

Handlebar Attached

Repeat with other side. The Handlebar is in the front attached to the Rod Ends which are on the rear pair of Vertical Rails.

Snugging attachment screw Snugging attachment screw other side

Snug attachment screws. If Handlebar isn't completely square, loosen screws and adjust as necessary.

The Pulleys on the side Black Cross Beams should be adjusted so that it is directly above the center of the cradle lifter. Tighten screws.

Quick Link closed Quick Link open

Gather Quick Links and unscrew them.

Quick Link on Roper Anchor

Attach Quick Link to each Rope Anchor.

Quick Link on Lifter Plate

Attach Quick Link to each Lifter Plate.

Rope on Quick Link open Rope on Quick Link closed

Attach a rope to the Quick Link on the Lifter Plate. Screw the Quick Link to close it.

Rope over Side Plate

Feed the rope up and over the Side Plate.

2 Ropes over Side Plates

Repeat with other side.

Rope on Quick Link

Attach Rope to Quick Link on Rope Anchor. Close Quick Link.

2 Ropes connected to Handlebar

Repeat on other side.

Rope going through Pulley

Lift Handlebar. Run both Ropes through the Pulleys on the Black Cross Beams.

2 Ropes going through Imaging Column Pulleys

Lift Handlebar. Run both Ropes through the Pulleys on the Imaging Columns.

Ropes side view

If one rope has more slack than the other, adjust Pulleys on Imaging Columns up and down to take up any extra slack. Tighten screws on Pulleys.

Complete Handlebar front view Complete Handlebar side view Complete handlebar top view

The Handlebar Assembly is complete. Move Cradle Stops up and test handlebar to ensure that the whole mechanism moves smoothly up and down.